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HRDA Standing Committee of the House Oversees ECSU`s Activities

Human Resource and Development Affairs Standing Committee of House of Peoples` Representatives oversaw the activities of Ethiopian Civil Service University on March 30, 2014. The overseeing programme included hearing the six month performance report, discussion with academic and administrative staff, visiting facilities of the University and infrastructure development activities.

Briefing about the service delivery of the University

Ato Tamene Chalchisa, Head of Institutional Planning and Assessment, presented a highlight of the 2005 E.C. plan performance and the six month performance report of 2006 E.C in light with one of the perspectives of the University`s BSC plan – enhancing the satisfaction of the public sector with the quality of its core businesses.

Ato Tamene has begun with an overview presentation that gives a clear picture of the University.Tamene said that one thousand employees are currently working in the University. Out of this 200 of them are academic staffs including 22 international staff. He also said 3156 students are currently enrolled in Bachelor Degree Programmes and 1395 are enrolled in Masters Degree Progerammmes.

Ato Tamene presenting the performance report

Ato Tamene also stated that the satisfaction surveys made on different services of the University showed that service delivery of the University has been improving. For example Trainees’ satisfaction on the quality of the trainings reaches to 90%, working graduates satisfaction on relevance of the programmes to their actual jobs is 76.4%, employers’ satisfaction on graduates performance is 78%, trainees’ satisfaction on relevance of  the trainings to enhance their problem solving capabilities reaches to 90%, and satisfaction of trainees and students on support services of the University reaches to 88% and 90% respectively.

Different support programmes like tutorial and language classes and computer trainings enhance the retention rate in the University. Accordingly the retention rate of female students reaches to 98% in Bachelor Degree programme and 99% in Masters Degree Programme. Where as, the retention rate of students from emerging regions becomes 98% in Bachelor Degree Programme and 99% in Master Degree Programme.


Last Updated on Thursday, 10 April 2014 15:36
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ECSU`s Ethics and Liaison Unit Held Training

Ethiopian Civil Service University Ethics Liaison Office held a training with a theme: "The Fight Against Corruption Needs Our Concerted Efforts " on March 21,2014. One hundred ninety three students from Institute of Tax and Customs Administration participated in the training. The objective of the training is raising the trainees’ awareness on the causes and remedies of corruption so that they could contribute their share in the fight against corruption.


Ato Gebre Tibebu,Head of ELU, speaking in the training

Ato Gebre Tibebu, Head of Ethics and Liaison Office in the occasion said corruption hinders development and it hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority. So, every one of us have responsibility to combat all forms of corruptions.

He described types of corruption as: Petty, Grand and Political Corruptions. Petty, Small scale corruption is the everyday corruption that takes place at the lower tier, where the public officials meet the public. Petty corruption is bribery in connection with the implementation of existing laws, rules and regulations.

Political corruption is any transaction between private and public sector actors through which collective goods are illegitimately converted into private-regarding payoffs.


Partial view of the participants

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 13:00
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Training given on “Understanding HIV/AIDS and Its Impacts from Public Leadership Perspective”  

HIV/AIDS Management Unit, HAMU, gave training to students drawn from different institutes of the university   in order to enhance knowledge, skills and attitude of the trainees. On top of this, the training gives insights from public leader perspectives on how to prevent the spread and effects of HIV/AIDS epidemic in their workplace, family and community as a whole.


The participants reflected the benefit of such training and suggested HAMU should continue its commendable efforts of enhancing access and quality of mainstreaming HIV/AIDS intervention through various modalities including awareness raising and sensitization workshops, e-learning, curricular integration, research community and outreach services to ECSU community.  Head of HAMU, Philipos Petros and Mainstreaming and Social Mobilization Expert, Wubalem Arefaine also enlightened trainees about the aim of the training and the importance of sensing the problem of HIV/AIDS from the context of public administration and peculiarities of workplaces and regions from which the participants are represented.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 13:24
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ECSU Vows to Support HPR

Ethiopian Civil Service University Center for Training and Consultancy graduated Forty seven members of the House of Peoples Representatives and Office staff up on completion of a course in Basic Concept in Laws. The training is divided in to fifteen different titles and conducted for 182 hours from April 22 – December 16, 2013.The certificate awarding ceremony was held on March 22, 2014 at Renaissance hall of the University.


Dr. Hailemichael Abera delivering a welcoming speech

Dr. Hailemichael Abera, president of the University in occasion expressed the University`s commitment to build the capacity of the House. Some of the Members of the parliament are attending the Bachelor and Masters Degree programmes in the University. We are happy that we are contributing in the effort to make our parliament more vibrant and more effective and looking forward to continue the cooperation in the future. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the University staff for effectively coordinating the programme, Dr. Hailemichael Said in conclusion.

After handing over certificates to the participants, Honorable Atsbeha Aregay, with a rank of State Minister, Deputy Government whip to the House of Peoples’ Representative, extends his appreciation to the University for its efforts to build the capacity of the public service in the country. He added Ethiopian Civil Service University has been supporting the House by providing different short and long term trainings which help the House to effectively discharge its responsibility of law-making and overseeing the Executive. He further said the Basic Concepts of Law course that they took will help them in making their day to day activities in the House lawful and knowledge based. He congratulated the parliamentarians and the staff of the office for successful completion of the course.




Participants receiving certificate

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 March 2014 07:08
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ECSU Welcomes South Sudanese Scholarship Holders

The fact that the economic globalization and regional integration is accelerating makes it imperative for Developing countries to be in a position to stick to these changes. Capacity Building is in the center of these activities. In Ethiopia`s endeavor to bolster bilateral relations with neighboring countries and grow together, Ethiopian Civil Service University has been providing different kinds of supports to neighboring countries. Now, the turn is to South Sudan; Some 37 students have got scholarship at ECSU.


Admission Office of ECSU organized a welcoming ceremony to these scholarship holders on Friday, March 14, 2014. In the occasion, Head of Student Service, Registrar, Center for Academic and Professional Development, Guidance and Counseling Office, and representative of Center for Gender and Development officially welcome them and briefed on variety of issues.


Alemayehu Seberu, Head of Admission Office, opening the session

Dr. Hailemichael Abera President of the University in the occasion told the students to consider Ethiopia as their country and feel at home. He emphasized the importance of mutual cooperation in order to rise together. A few decades a go Africa was named as Least Developed Continent, Dark Continent etc. But now, there are signs that the situation can be changed. We should work hard like the Koreans and other South East Asian Countries did to get out of poverty. Ethiopia is on the right direction, said Dr. Hailemichael. He also said, "We give scholarships not because we are rich but we give high value to growing together". Dr. Hailemichael finally implored them to continue striving so as to achieve the great objective of developing their country in particular and Africa in general which is beyond getting Bachelors or Masters Degree.


Last Updated on Thursday, 20 March 2014 12:43

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