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French Parliament Delegates visit ECSU

The Financial Committee of the French Parliament Lower House, led by Mr. Jean-François MANCEL, visited Ethiopian Civil Service University on February 28, 2014.They also held discussion with the University president, Dr. Hailemichael Abera, Director of Institute of Leadership and Good Governance, and UNDP Ethiopia representatives.


From left to right Dr. Hailemicjael Abera and Mr. Jean-François MANCEL

Dr. Hailemicheal Abera, president of the University in the occasion thanked the French government for the support it has been giving to ECSU`s Leadership and Good Governance Institute through the United Nations Development Programme. Dr. Hailemichael also said that Ethiopian Civil Service University serves as technical hand for the implementation of Civil Service Reform programmes in Ethiopia. He mentioned some of the leadership Training areas that the University is providing in order to support leaders at all levels execute their duties. He also said that the reform programmes will be successful only with a strong and committed oriented leadership.

Dr. Hailemichael pointed out some of the areas that the University identified and wanted to research on. Some of the areas are: How to identify competencies and skills that leaders at all levels have to develop, and especially in the disadvantaged regions of the country, as the concern is transforming in to a modern society, how can we make the trainings we are providing helpful to the leadership in these areas in mobilizing resources and people in the transformation process.


Discussion in progress

Mr. Jean-François MANCEL on his part thanked the University President for his welcoming remarks. Mr. Jean-François MANCEL said, he and his colleagues, as a member of the French National Assembly Financial Committee, have the duty to supervise that the French Government Public Aids are properly used. According to Mr. MANCEL, they decided to come to Ethiopia due to its longstanding relationship with French.He described Ethiopia as great country with long history. He finally proposed a linkage of the ENA and ILG alumni associations, and hints the opportunity to host interns, in France, at the central and decentralized levels.

Dr. Waqgari Negari, Director for Institute of Leadership and Good Governance made a presentation of the ILG activities and achievements. Dr Waqgari said the Institute so far graduated 153 students in two batches and the third one is taking internship.

Last Updated on Monday, 10 March 2014 13:16
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India`s Ambassador to Ethiopia visits ECSU


Arrival of Ambassador Sanjey

India`s Ambassador to Ethiopia Sanjey Verma visited Ethiopian Civil Service University on 25 February, 2014.The visit programme included a tour of University`s infrastructure and discussion with Senate members, Management council and the Universiy`s School of Diplomacy and International Relations.


Dr. Hailemichael discussing with Ambassador Sanjey


Dr. Hailemichael and Ambassador Sanjey, while giving presentation

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 March 2014 13:52
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Meles Zenawi Memorial Library and ICT Center Inaugurated


ECSU Meles Zenawi Hub Library and ICT Center inauguration and hand over ceremony held on 7th Feb, 2014 in the presence of State Minister, Ministry of Civil Service, Adamu Ayana, Chair person of United Nations World Trade Organization Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty (UNWTO ST-EP) Foundation, Ambassador Dho Young - shim, Korean Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr, Kim Jong Geun, ECSU staff and invited guests.


H.E. Adamu Ayana,State Minister for Ministry of Civil Service

State Minister for Ministry of Civil Service, Adamu Ayana, in the occasion said Ethiopia is working tirelessly to transform its economy in to middle income level and capacity building is given due attention.  Therefore, this donation of books and other educational materials is very significant in our endeavor to sustain the capacity building efforts, he added

He also said the long standing relation between our two countries is further strengthened in bilateral cooperation pertaining to economic, social and cultural phases. Ato Adamu also thanked the Government of Korea for its support.

Dr. Hailemichael Abera, President of Ethiopian Civil Service University in his welcoming address expressed his gratitude to the government and people of Korea Republic for the donation of different books, furniture and Multimedia equipments. He also expressed his hope that the ECSU community will learn quite a lot from the experience of the people and the government of Republic of Korea through these books.


Dr. Hailemichael Abera,president of ECSU

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 12:57
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Public Lecture, "The Economic Underpinnings of the FDRE Constitution", Held

Dr. Fasil Nahom, Legal Advisor to the prime minister with rank of minister gave a public lecture to ECSU community entitled "The Economic Underpinnings of the FDRE Constitution" on January 24, 2014 in Renaissance hall of the University.


Dr. Fasil Nahom

Before he started his presentation, his memory flashed back to his stay at the University some 16 years ago. He said he feels at home and he is happy to see the University growing in such extent.

Dr. Fasil in his presentation described the Constitution as legal and political document. He said FDRE Constitution sets building one economic community as its goal. However, building one economic community is not an end in itself but a means to an end of achieving sustainable, equitable and just socio economic development.


According to Dr. Fasil, the FDRE constitution provides neither the command economy of the communist ideology nor the laissez-faire economy of the capitalist. While the free market - economy is the principle, the FDRE constitution requires the state to play critical role in Ethiopian`s economy.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 February 2014 12:26
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Development Discussion Forum held on the Role of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge

The third Development forum, the series of Development Discussion Forums at ECSU, held on 24th January, 2014, in Development Learning Center of ECSU with a theme "The Role of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge."


Dr.Meless Asfaw, the discussion forum presenter

Dr. Melesse Asfaw Director for School of Graduate Studies in his presentation defined that explicit knowledge – academic knowledge or ‘‘know-what’’ that is described in formal language, print or electronic media, often based on established work processes, use people-to-documents approach. By contrast, tacit knowledge – practical, action-oriented knowledge or ‘‘know-how’’ based on practice, acquired by personal experience, seldom expressed openly, often resembles intuition.

No skill in knowledge sharing techniques, willing to share, but not having enough time to do so, lack of understanding of knowledge management and benefits are some of the reasons why people are reluctant to share knowledge, according to Dr. Melesse.


Participants also reflected their ideas on knowledge sharing trends. Dr. Dereje Terefe, Director for Public Policy Studies said, the way we perceive and the value that we have towards knowledge matters a lot in knowledge sharing activities. If the domain of the teacher is restricted in and around the classrooms, then knowledge sharing lucks its main purpose, he added.

Dr. Samson Kassahun, Academic Vice President of the University said that there are a lot of forums that we can share knowledge with if we are engaged actively. According to Dr. Samson Knowledge sharing starts in the classroom. "We can facilitate knowledge sharing forums in the classrooms as the students come from different social and economic backgrounds, " said Dr. Samson.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 February 2014 12:55

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