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Institute for Certification of Accountants and Auditors





The government of Ethiopia announced its civil service reform in May of 1996. Under the civil service reform program there are five sub programs expenditure management and control, service delivery, human resource development, ethics and top management.

As a major part of this reform programs the expenditure management and control (Financial management) is believed to be accomplished through nine projects legal framework; budget reform; accounts reform; cash management; public investment; financial information systems; internal audit; external audit and development of accounting and auditing profession.

To realize to these, the Institute for Certification of Accountants and Auditors (ICAA) was established in 2006 under Ethiopian Civil Service University to promote the status of the accounting and auditing profession, support national development and upgrade the skills and competence of accountants and auditors in Ethiopian, among other things.


Objective of the institute


To achieve its mission, the Institute has the following objectives:

  • To train and certify public accountants and auditors in Ethiopia

  • To evaluate accountancy qualifications in country for exemption form parts of the institute’s examinations

  • Established government accounting and auditing standards; assist professionals in continually improving their professional conduct, performance and expertise; and monitors such performance to enforce current standards and requirements.

  • Promotes public awareness and confidence in the integrity, objectivity, competence and professionalism in accounting auditing.

  • To sponsor, arrange and provide facilities for conferences, seminars, discussions and consultations on matters related to accountancy and auditing and allied subjects

  • To conduct research in accounting, auditing and other closely related areas.

    To publish professional journals


The program consists of three stages, Certificate stage, Diploma Stage, and Advanced Stage.


Certificate Stage

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Management system & Techniques
  • Public sector Accounting & Financial Management
  • Auditing I

Diploma Stage

  • Auditing II
  • Accounting for decision-making
  • Leadership, Governance & Public Policy
  • Public Finance
  • Tax Accounting
  • Business Laws

Advanced Stage

  • Financial Reports
  • Strategic Business Management
  • Case Study
  • Final Test of professional Competence

Work Experience

In addition to the above courses, students will be required to demonstrate their practical knowledge in each subject, gained through relevant employment


Qualification Process

The Institute will recommend to the Board of Governors, candidates who have successfully completed the Institute’s examinations and have suitable work experience to be accredited as Certified Accountants and Auditors (CAA) in Ethiopia.


Nature of courses offered by the institute


Courses on Financial Accounting Management, Accounting Financial Management Systems & Techniques, Public Sector Accounting & Financial Management and Auditing are provided for the certificate program. For the diploma program courses such as Auditing II, Accounting for Decision making, Leadership, Governance & Public policy, Public Finance, Tax Accounting and Business Law are included. Moreover, for the advanced diploma program, courses such as Financial Reporting, Strategic Business Management and Final Test of Professional Competence are offered.


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